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Rent whatever you need, only for as long as you need it.

Don't thow anything away, make it profitable.

Rentr is a project that seeks to increase the sustainability of the planet and the pocket of its users, providing them with rental materials that, if they were to be purchased, would probably not be used more than a couple of times in their lifetime. By managing a wide range of categories, which would be open to user suggestions, throug a system of self-assimilation by accumulation of new stock on a daily basis, it would be possible to have any type of tool available for rent for a period of time decided by both parties, thus giving the user the opportunity of not having to contribute a huge financial burden for something that will not be used for a long time. It is based on a geolocalised system by proximity and price filtering by hour, quality and condition of the tool, date of purchase, etc...
waste of money
accumulation of tools that we use little or not at all
protection of the planet
to stop others from spending so much
to be able to get other people to reuse our tools without having to buy a new one.
slowing down the planet's degenerative process.

I strongly recommend downloading the full case study attached above as a PDF to fully understand the final result.

Using Lean Survey Canvas to understand what questions to ask in surveys.

Survey results.

Market research to see competition, set priorities and make a difference.

Validate your hypotheses in the marketplace with your potential customers.

Creating personas will help you to understand your users’ needs, experiences, behaviours and goals.

The moscow method for prioritising functionalities.

A user journey map tracks what a user does, thinks and feels when they come to different touch points in their journey.

I have used crazy 8 method to improvise the architecture of the screens.

Two different journeys throughout the app's structure.

The resolution of the logo was very funny, metaphorical and absolutely crazy. There were several coincidences:
Doraemon carries all his belongings in his magic bag, Mary Poppins too.
The logo is Doraemon's expression of not having to keep everything in her bag and being able to dispose of things without having to buy and hold them.

Colour palette.


The use of the 8 px grid makes everything fit together and the elaboration of the screens a delight.

User Interface Design

Selected section enlarged. Scroll suggestion for the following products.

Use of second tab bar to facilitate tasks and dispense with 3 dot menus or hamburger menu.

Geolocated search by map showing nearest items.

Accessible tab bar with the main necessary shortcuts.

Item detail with all the necessary information without showing too much of it.

Item detail in second tab bar, map section.

More detailed information with the item selected.

Last section ready for booking.