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Proof of concept. Attempting to integrate the rental of a vehicle on behalf of a third party.

The third man

Auro asked me for a way to be able to hire a taxi in the name of a third party, as at the time, it was only possible to order a taxi under the name of the user who owned the mobile phone assigned to the app. After several exercises, tests and surveys, I came to the conclusion that the best way was to generate a pop-up that would allow to choose to make a quick change of user from an avatar icon that, when pressed, would access a shortcut, similar to sharing, where you could access both the agenda and a contact manager by groups: family, friends and work, being these completely renameable and configurable even in number.

Pen and paper initial wireframes

Comparison of wireframes and final screens

Main screen, search and recent and saved searches screens.

Destination, stops and More button screens.

Change and passenger grouping screens.

Traveller edit screen and trip detail screen with extended trip information.

This is the design system that I usually use in Sketch and that I am improving with each project that I add, making it more versatile and functional with each iteration.

More of the Design system